Heli-Exec Solutions

Business at the speed of flight

Our Story:

The name Heli-Exec Solutions was derived from the founder’s passion for Helicopter flight and Helium Lightships, the two aircraft which have the unique ability to hover in the air and land anywhere.

At Heli-Exec Solutions we have an experienced, professional team to make every aspect of your helicopter and lightship expedition seamless and easy from placing an order, itinerary planning through to on-time departures and landings. Our range of aviation products and services are rapidly deployed with attention to detail and precision planning so you can focus on the job at hand.

Whether you require a scenic tour, meeting a business deadline, doing aerial surveys, creating awareness through aerial branding, needing aerial broadcasting capabilities, adding excitement to your next company event, or just want to add a memorable experience to your special occasion, our products and services can exceed your requirements. Heli-Exec Solutions is an aviation branding company which makes use of helicopter and helium lightship solutions to address a niche market.

Our aim is to provide an end to end solution, from the moment you talk to us to the final goodbye you will experience every aspect of our elite service. Our professional team will make your aviation experience memorable. The products and services which we offer are all subject to the highest quality and safety standards. We view aircraft as a business tool which can be used to enhance your "value of time" when it comes to productivity, promoting your brand or optimising the efficiency of your business operations.

Tell us your requirement and leave the rest to us to arrange. There is a new way of doing business, at Heli-Exec Solutions it is at the "Speed of flight".

Our Vision

To provide a unique, safe,customer focused and cost effective air mobility/branding solution between metropolitan areas on the African continent using helicopters and airships. 

Our Mission

  • Provide a unique end to end manned helicopter and airship solution to our customers. 
  • Partner with companies who have an outstanding track record in helicopter, lightship operations, training and support.
  • Provide helicopter and lightship services throughout the African continen
  • Be a trusted supplier,operator and partner.
  • Provide a seamless service, exceeding customer expectations with passion,integrity and pride.

  • Create a working environment that is rewarding and enjoyable for all stakeholder
  • Promote innovative thinking and solutions.

  • Maintain the highest standards of safety and operational excellence.
  • Exceed the Civil Aviation Authority security, quality and safety standards throughout the African continent.
  • Contribute to Africa's growth and development as a continent.
  •  Support initiatives which will benefit the future of our children.